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The support of members of the community is paramount during the early stages of a project like this. Please let us know your opinion.


Years of effort have been put into the 2905 Marine Drive project in West Vancouver and we have heard a few questions along the way:

With a project that requires approval from the West Vancouver City Council, it could take as long as a couple more years before it is completed. With help from the community we should be able to make things go a little faster.

The number of units available as of right now will be 6 units with a few different configurations. They will range in size from 2,100 sqft to over 2,500 sqft.

The design team has spent years carefully picking the exterior building materials and the layouts to ensure the fit within the Altamont community. They have meticulously examined houses in the area along with the Official Community Plan (OCP) and its guidelines.

With the market as uncertain as it is right now, it is difficult to say what the approximate selling price of each unit will be. But, it could be in a range from $1650/sqft up to $2000/sqft. As it gets closer to completion it will become more clear.

If you would like to learn more about the project please feel free to reach out to the project team directly using the form below.

This project will be completed with a high-end finishing quality that is expected for the area. Each unit will be carefully crafted to the highest building standards.

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who wework with

At the early stages of the project we are closely working with the City of West Vancouver’s Planning Department and multiple consultants to make sure the project fits perfectly into the community.

We believe that a project like this can showcase the abilities of not only the builders, but the planning department, members of the city council, and the community as a whole.

It’s time to give the people of West Vancouver more options for a new future.

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