2905 Marine Drive

More Options ForA New Future

2905 Marine Drive, West Vancouver is the perfect place to start modernizing the Housing Supply and bringing more options to the prestigious community of Altamont.

A ProjectThat Makes Sense

The 2905 Marine Drive project has been proposed to change the status quo within the Altamont community. Closely following West Vancouver’s Official Community Plan (OCP), and its related guidelines, the design team has done a fantastic job fitting the building style to the surrounding area making sure it blends in while making a statement.

The main purpose of the 2905 Marine Drive development is to meet and exceed the needs of the existing population within the Altamont community. It takes a current potential vacant home on the gateway of Altamont and gives it new life as a much needed option for community members looking to downsize without having to leave.

This project provides a solution to one of West Vancouver’s biggest underlying issues.

Marine Drive
Luxury Units

Helping TheCommunity Grow

This type of housing is desperately needed in the District, evidenced by the decline in West Vancouver’s population between the last two census periods. Many West Vancouver residents in search of smaller, more accessible housing have had no option but to leave their community. The 2905 Marine Drive Project addresses this directly.

By creating housing diversity, accessibility and choice, we are giving Altamont residents options for living, growing, and aging in place in their community.

Keeping people who helped build and shape the community, in the community, should be the top priority.

The OCP talks about maintaining the community fabric, but it doesn’t mention that the people within the community are the threads of that fabric.

The DesignPhilosophy

West Coast design and materials create a sustainable building that blends into the neighbourhood fabric. The building respects the heights and privacy of surrounding single family houses, and it preserves trees including the large cedar on the west side of the property. The building design is matched by a generous landscaping plan set back from the property line and generously designed to blend in with its neighbours.

By basing the look and feel of the 2905 Marine Drive project on what could be a single family home in the area, it fits perfectly into the community. The added underground parking keeping the residents cars out of view means you could drive by the property and not notice it is actually a multi unit building.

With many years of planning, design, and development already completed, the project is set to stand out in the Altamont community while fitting right in.

2905 Marine Drive, West Vancouver Project Isometric Low View

Facts ofthe Matter

Luxury Units
0 +
Liveable Square Feet
0 m
to Dundarave Village
Excellent Building

A Timeless Location

The character of Altamont is exemplified by its slower-paced atmosphere and affluent estate lots. The area is quiet overall, as there isn’t a lot of street noise or city clamour. This is precisely why it makes a great location for the 2905 Marine Drive Project. The Altamont area has a direct need for this type of housing as its population ages. 

The goal of the project isn’t to change the way of life within the community or diminish the way of life for any of the residents. The main goal is to help improve the aging housing supply by providing options for members of the community who don’t require 5+ bedroom homes.

Both the design of the project and the proposed location just make sense.

900m to Dundarave Village making cycling and walking an easy option

Located right on the Marine Drive corridor providing ample Bus service

Steps to Altamont Beach Park and the tennis courts right across the street


The Altamont Community is one of the most prolific in the lower mainland. If a project like this can be conceptulized, designed, and built here it can be done anywhere.